Mirela's Tshirts was born from a desire to share with others my passion for God and Jesus; I often find myself encouraging and reminding others that God Loves us, He is there for us and we should follow His plan because He knows best; we just need to trust Him, even though sometimes it is hard and we are impatient (I know I am at times).

Many times I want to share God's word and wisdom but since I would not know what to say when ministering to others, I decided to create t shirt designs with words of encouragement, to remind everyone of God’s presence, grace, wisdom, and everlasting love. This is my way of sharing with the world that God is Great, He loves us, and we need to leave it all in His hands to heal, redeem, fix, and give us inner peace. 

I also believe as Christians, we have to be Bold about our faith, so why not wear a faith related t shirt instead of one that has no special meaning? By wearing one of these t shirts you may have the unique opportunity to inspire, encourage, uplift, empower, or give hope to someone who may need at that moment God's word and to know He loves us, He is for us, and He is there for us. A few words may change someone's life!

In addition to being a believer, I am a former law enforcement officer and a Yoga instructor; I enjoyed a wonderful career as a police officer and my love for the Blue is evident in some of the designs I created for my LE family and friends. Even though I do not teach Yoga any longer, I still love practicing it not only for added flexibility but also to melt away stress, reminding myself to Breathe in deeply while exhaling all the worries away!

I hope you find a design you like for you and your loved one and I hope you visit my store often.

God Bless,