The Birth of a Tshirt Store

Posted on June 13 2018

The Birth of a Tshirt Store

Welcome to my online store and reading my first story, The Birth of a tshirt store

I chose to open this store to share positive Christian and godly messages with the world and especially with those who perhaps need to see or hear God's message. We are surrounded by enough evil and I do not believe we hear enough about the good things that happen around us and around the world so my messages, whether taken from bible verses or from every day life, are meant to encourage and uplift others, to put hope in someone's heart, and give a glimpse of God's love. 

Born and raised in Eastern Europe in a Christian family and by a religious mother, I did not always have a relationship with Jesus and through Him, with God. Even though I said my prayers as a child and later as an adult, I did not pause to reflect on Bible's teachings or to ask what did it all mean? How did it all apply to my life? and What did God want from me and with me? More of a routine, my evening prayers were just a repetitive behavior, without understanding God's teachings.

In my early 20s I got married and moved to the US where my ex-husband lived; after divorce and struggling for many years in different areas of my life, I finally gave it all to God. I remember like it was yesterday the day I returned to faith; I was so overwhelmed by life and strife, crying and not knowing what direction to take or what to do. That is when I got on my knees and asked God to take it all from me and to make it better. I asked Him to work His magic on my life and to take control of it...and boy did He ever do that! 

I don't think until that moment I felt so much inner peace even through the storm; the challenges I was experiencing did not disappear over night but what did happen is I remained calm and was able to clearly see through the fog. Slowly, with God's strength, and the doors He opened for me, I started to figure my way through life. I also started attending church regularly, praying more often and reading the bible. I also loved (and still do) listening to Joyce Myers messages that gave me more strength and the will to want to be better and do better.

I will never be perfect and I fall short every single day but the beauty does not lie within me; it lies within God's mercy and His unconditional love for us and for our imperfections. I don't ask Him to help me or give me strength because I am perfect but because I need Him every single day and every single moment; without Him I can do nothing!

Even though I am still facing challenges, some times more than others, now I feel more at peace knowing that He will open doors I never imagined; when He is silent and tests my patience :) I humbly remember He is in control and that things will turn the way He has it planned for me. I still have to do my part but knowing He will do all the background work and heavy lifting, it gives me a sense of peace and security.

Relinquishing control is the hardest thing especially when we are unsure of the future, we are experiencing tribulations, and there seems to be "no other way;" it is even difficult to be patient, be still, and listen for His words when we perceive God is silent and seems He does not hear us. In those moments though we must remember what He has already done for us and His promises. The Psalms are perfect readings for these times and they always seem to restore my faith and give me strength.  

Being Christian is one of the hardest things because we need to be kind, loving, understanding, patient, tolerant, compassionate, honest, genuine and humble at ALL times not just on Sundays. We must have unwavering faith and should take every opportunity to help, encourage, give hope, love on others, as well as share with others God's goodness even during the times when we perhaps need strength and God's love.

I hope you are a much better Christian than I am but I will keep trying and I will keep praying for God's grace and His mercy! Through my tshirt designs I hope to inspire or encourage others to know Jesus or at least remember that God loves them and has them in the palm of His hand (Isaiah 41:13). 

While my designs are mostly faith related, as a former police officer I cannot but still love my family in Blue so some designs are dedicated to police friends and family. I am also a Yoga instructor so you will also see some Yoga related tshirts for those who love finding the balance and bliss on or off the mat.

God is great and I am so lucky He loves me just the way I am!n I hope you visit my store often and you find something that speaks to you!

Love and blessings,


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  • Carlyn: July 30, 2018

    Wonderful! Glad to meet another Christian, spreading the Word of God, through blogging

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