The Best 'Selfie"

Posted on August 06 2018

The Best 'Selfie"

The Best ‘Selfie’

Many people today are obsessed with Selfies; in a world of selfishness, pride and infatuation with own looks, they are quick to take a Selfie to showcase their clothes, outside beauty, or any pose they feel at the moment, sharing it with the world hoping to leave their mark for posterity.

An occasional Selfie though is not bad, especially if we travel alone or we want to be part of a specific scenery; however, constantly taking pictures of ourselves can lead to pride and infatuation with the self. While snapping a Selfie is fun and may uplift our mood, I wonder if we are also as quick to take a Selfie of our soul; looking in the mirror is not just to see our outside beauty but it should also be used to gauge our inner-self.

Introspection, whether in professional or personal life is extremely important if we want to be and behave better, become the best we can, and want to really know ourselves. The most difficult person to see with a candid and truthful eye is the person in the mirror. Why? Because no one wants to really see pride, self-centeredness, bias, ugliness, love for power and money, or jealousy. The most important selfie we can ever take is the selfie of our soul, the person we are, the person we have become, and who we are in our faith, the person we created by following into the worldly traps and followed suit rather than following Christ and God’s word.

While most of us tend to avoid self-examination out of fear of what we may uncover, when we have the courage to do so, we may also find a long-lost person, a caring, happy, and compassionate child or a joyful, humble, and selfless adult.

I must admit a few years ago I was afraid to find how much I had fallen astray from church and godly behavior until I was ‘forced’ by circumstances to re-evaluate my life and submit to self-examination. When I did, I was not very proud of who I had become and how far I had fallen from pleasing God; I realized instead how close I was seeking to pleasing people and I was to the worldly things. I realized my journey was not chosen or blessed by God and that is why my life was at a stand-still, it was the reason why I was experiencing strife and hurt, and was not seeing any light; it was also the reason I felt trapped. This is when I made a decision to change my attitude and outlook on life and the future; I realized God did not want me to keep spinning on the same wheel or go around the same mountain over and over. That is when I started reading the Bible, going to church regularly, reflecting on my behavior and attitude (giving it an adjustment often), understanding the life God wanted me to live, and how His word applied to me.

While self-examination can be harsh and we may tend to put ourselves down because we realize we have sinned or disappointed God, introspection can also give us hope, knowing God’s love and His undeniable grace that saves us, many times from ourselves. We shouldn’t feel discouraged but empowered and encouraged to come before God and ask for forgiveness because we know He can set us free and renew our soul.

Introspection also renders us the opportunity to examine our past not just to discover our inadequacies but mostly to count our blessings (something I am sure many of us do not do with regularity), acknowledge God’s eternal love, enduring grace, forgiveness, mercy, and compassion towards us, while renewing our hope for a brighter future.

Our introspection of faith is a reminder that we are favored by God, He loves us and is willing to forgive our sins as long as we ask in prayer, with a pure heart, and commit to a life without sin. When we redeem ourselves, we have the opportunity of starting fresh, knowing that God will renew our heart and make us stronger and whole once again.

Bible Verses that Encourage Introspection:

Lamentations 3:40 ~ Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.

Psalm 139:23 ~ Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts

2 Corinthians 13:5 ~ Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?

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