STOP Being In Control!

Posted on June 19 2018

STOP Being In Control!

One of the hardest things for me is to be patient so I push things along and I know others do the same; so let's STOP being in control and let God take over instead!  

What do I mean by that? We are often tempted to take control of our life and at times we go overboard; you are probably asking yourself: Am I not supposed to be in control of my life? Of course we have to make choices, we have to lead a life of purpose and follow the guided path that God laid for us but sometimes we go overboard and instead of waiting patiently or allowing things to take their natural and God intended course, we force things to happen. 

When I am frustrated that things don't happen fast enough or at all, I deviate and change things, thinking it is meant to happen only to find later that was a mistake. My heart tells me to stop being in control and just have faith and be patient but being patient when you are waiting for something to happen is like having a big chocolate cake in front of you and not being able to eat any (at least for me it's chocolate).

Even though I know deep down that God will make it happen in its time and His way, I still fret and stress; the past few months of my journey to a new destination have been grueling on the inside and have truly tested my faith and patience. However, I also realized that I have to STOP being in control and instead allowing faith to take over. Everyday I am getting better but I have learned to place my Hope in the Lord and trust Him completely, no matter how hard it is.

Prayer and looking at the big picture and from different angles also helps, in addition to looking at my own situation with a grateful rather than unappreciative heart. Knowing that "Everything is possible for one who believes" (Mark 9:23), gives me hope and the strength I need to wait for the right time and my payoff, as promised.

Therefore, I encourage you today to STOP being in control of your situation and instead allow God to guide your steps. His blessings will flood your life in His time and not your perceived time, no matter how hard the journey. Great things come to those who wait so let's wait together for our bright future for God always keeps His promises!

God Bless,



  • Roger: June 25, 2018

    I enjoyed reading this on Sunday. Unfortunately I am unable to take off on Sunday.

  • Jennifer Vásquez: June 25, 2018

    I learned this the hard way but if we are patient enough he will show his promises

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