Guardians of the Mouth

Posted on June 25 2018

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Guardians of the Mouth

Happy Monday and Week! I hope you had a great and blessed weekend!

While last week I talked about relinquishing control of our life to God, this week I want to address practicing control. 

Huh? You may wonder or be confused because last week I was encouraging everyone to surrender to God's will but today I am talking about us practicing control.

So you may think I am losing it but I am very intentional because I want to address something I have been struggling with and probably others are too. The control I am about to share with you is very specific and it's about the control of our Mouth!

As humans we are blessed with so many great body parts and one of the most powerful of those parts is our mouth. God created us with words and in a certain way but He also gave us free will which sometimes is expressed through our mouth. We can love, encourage, inspire, empower, forgive, speak peace and positivity but we can also express anger, jealousy, selfishness, fear, boasting, bitterness and greed ALL via our mouth. 

That is why I believe talking about this topic is extremely important for us as Christians and our spiritual growth but also as humans since we have the power to create and express so many feelings through our mouth with every person we meet and in every circumstance. 

The Power of Our Words Onto Self:

I have not always been a super positive person; on the contrary, when I was growing up I was very negative and did not think much of myself or my abilities. Time, maturity, and the Law Of Attraction  helped me become more positive and change my attitude. From believing and speaking negative thoughts like: I am not good enough, bad stuff always happen to me, I can never get a break, etc. I became a believer in my strength and God's given talents; I slowly started to shift my attitude while practicing gratitude and speaking positive words on my life rather than limiting myself with dark images and feelings of bondage or scarcity. Most importantly though was to have faith in God, His blessings, and guidance. This gave me the strength I needed to stop undermining myself by using the power of positive thoughts and spoken words.  

Changing one's attitude and becoming encouraged, uplifted, and empowered to be better and do better does not come over night; it takes intention, self-love, determination, patience, compassion towards oneself, and awareness. I believe sometimes we have the power to 'depress' ourselves by what we speak about our life, our circumstances, and our person so I encourage you today to STOP talking nonsense about yourself and instead to fight for yourself through positive and encouraging words.

When you first wake up and after you thank God for His blessings, speak out loud: God is blessing me today and this week with positive news and wonderful things will happen to me this week! I am capable, strong, joyful! I am having the best day at work today and nothing shall stop me! These are just some ideas but feel free to use your own positive affirmations and use your circumstances to speak blessings and positive thoughts into your situation! 

Bible Verses to Stay Encouraged: Psalms 28: 7; Psalms 23:1; Matthew 19:26; Isaiah 40:31; Colosians 3:2.

The Power Of Words Onto Others:

I cannot write a blog post about guarding our mouth without talking about the power our words have when talking to others. 

There is so much to write on this topic but I will try not to ramble :). 

Firstly, I want to touch on judging others; as much I am ashamed to admit it, sometimes I make my own opinion about why things may happened in someone's life or why they did something they perhaps should not have. For example, we recently heard about the suicide of two very talented people. I thought why would someone so successful and rich would want to die? What could they possibly be lacking? or if they needed help why didn't they reach out?

I immediately thought it was because they lacked God in their life and that is why the sadness. The truth is, everyone has their own story, cross to bare, and circumstances; only God knows the truth. The judging should only belong to God not to us and instead of judging we should encourage others and uplift them, reminding them about prayer and how to stay positive and hopeful. Sometimes we immediately make our opinion about someone or their circumstances without knowing their entire story; we just have to have faith that God has a plan for everyone, even though we don't know or understand it.

Secondly, I want to mention what we say when someone else succeeds or receives blessings in their life. Are we jealous, selfish, ungrateful (for what we have) or greedy? or are we loving on them, praising God for blessing them, and expressing happiness for their joy? I think many are a bit jealous of others' blessings but let's not forget someday will be our turn to be happy and receive God's abundance so what should we expect from our friends? Joy or jealousy?

I do realize we are humans and are imperfect; as such, I know sometimes we may not be jealous but perhaps sad or disappointed that we are not at the receiving end. However, as Ephesians 4:2-3 says, we should remain patient, gentle, humble, and loving and when we do that, He will bless us at the right time and in the right way! 

Thirdly, I have to address gossip and grumbling. I think we are all guilty of both, some of us more than others. Even unintentionally sometimes we can say something in passing or mention something in a negative light about someone or their circumstances which can be seen as gossiping. I don't want to minimize this topic and even though both are wrong, I do believe there is a difference between intentional and mean spirited gossiping vs. casual, passing-by words. We all probably have met or seen people who fall into one category or the other and even though I don't want to admit it, I fall in the later category; I really do not want to upset or hurt anyone's feelings and as a Christian, it is NOT desirable, but I do fall short in this category no matter how hard I do try.

Lastly, grumbling! Ugh! Not only very unattractive but also energy draining and a negativity magnet.

Thank God I do not grumble too much (I told you...I am not perfect!) but these past few months when I have gone through some challenges, I did grumble occasionally about my situation. I asked God if He forgot about me and why did it take so long to see some light in my circumstances; I also expressed my unhappiness with my situation. No one's life is perfect; we all have our roadblocks, our giants to defeat, and mountains to climb. However, we all expect in our journey to receive abundance and the "above and beyond" which has been promised to us; grumbling though is not going to get us what we want. 

So when I was feeling defeated and most disappointed, something prompted me to think of Moses' trip to the promised land while leading his people; a trip that looks so much shorter on the map was made in 40 years. Why? Because they grumbled! They grumbled about everything: not having food, water, they were 'fed' up with the manna, expressed their unhappiness with God, etc. They complained most of the trip, until they finally figured out God punished them because they did not listen and because they complained so probably they should change their attitude if they want to make it to the promised land without any more deaths.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend 40 years in the desert (even though I live in Arizona) chasing my tail and circling the same mountain over and over.

I want ALL God's blessings and for that I am praying for God to guard my mouth and only allow me to speak what pleases Him. I must also remain hopeful, faithful, patient, and allow God to remain at the wheel while thinking and speaking words of gratitude, peace, love, joy and encouragement to me and others!

So I am encouraging you to join me today in prayer, asking God for forgiveness and to help us remain aware of the power of our words (spoken and unspoken). I am asking that God helps us all remember the impact we have onto our circumstances and onto others and that he helps us only speak out of kindness, love, compassion, and faith. 

Some Bible verses to consider: Luke 6:31; John 13:34; Psalm 138:1; Romans 12:12 and a great sermon to listen is Joyce Meyer's Don't Say Negative Things

What are some of your challenges when it comes to the spoken words and how do you combat those temptations? Also what are some of your favorite resources on this topic? I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed week,





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